Saturday, 16 February 2013

What I've been up to...

Lately I've been so busy, its ridiculous for someone that isn't currently working to have barely anytime to sleep or do anything at all.
Today we got the keys to the new house, which means we can finally start sorting it out in time for us to move in (which should hopefully be in 1-2 weeks). Sadly that means I'm rushed off my feet trying to buy all the stupid little things that we forgot, such as bottle openers and light bulbs which means I won't be blogging as much, but I will attempt to write a post a night. Although if I fail please be patient, I will be back!

Benji getting cuddles from Johno, think she may know we're leaving soon and getting all mushy. Yummy food at Frankie and Bennys, struggled so much. TGI Fridays don't mess around when they mean Ultimate sizing for their drinks, my strawberry daiquiri was yummy. Marvel's version of a kinder egg, the toy was very disappointing however. Latest favourite movie, however it was way better in 3D at the cinema.

See you soon!

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