Friday, 8 February 2013

Smashbox Limitless Liquid Liner pen in Jet Black

What a title for an eyeliner, it actually irritates me when companies have ridiculously long names for their products, as at the end of the day, its just an eyeliner pen. Anyhoo onto the product itself!

This is the first Smashbox product I've ever used, I've no idea why I bought it, I was wondering around Boots looking for something to buy (please don't tell me I'm the only weirdo that does that?) and happened across the Smashbox counter, and asked the MUA if they had any eyeliner pens. The MUA wasn't the best I've come across by far, I asked her 'how long does it last', which could mean 'how long does it last on the eyes' and 'how long does the pen last before it dries up', she just replied with 'I've still got mine and its ok'. This stumped me a bit, what on earth was that meant to mean? But after a few swatches of the pen and comparisons to other eyeliner pens I could find, I decided to give the Smashbox a go.

Please ignore the eyebrow, they're being tamed once I find my tweezers (probably packed them with the house things).
The liner lasts all day on me, without any kind of transfer and stays carbon black, which I think is amazing for liner. I've only had the pen for around 3 weeks, so I have no idea how long it lasts before it begins drying up, but so far its fine. The pens pointed nib means I can create a simple cat flick with ease and without it being fiddly and messy.
Overall this product has took me by surprise, as I have read no reviews about it and think its an underdog in the beauty world. However on the Smashbox website this product claims to be waterproof, I'm afraid I can't agree with this, after watching Disney's Brave and becoming a little teary eyed, I became panda eyed in minutes, however if this wasn't claimed to be waterproof I would agree more.
I would happily by another pen if this were to dry out in a decent amount of time, smitten kitten!

Smashbox limitless liquid liner pen in black retails for £16.00 on the Smashbox website and larger Boots stores

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