Monday, 15 August 2011

if I were rich...

I'd buy everything in this collection.

Sunday, 14 August 2011

18th birthday outfit?


Topshop (£46)

My birthday is in November, but I'm getting excited already. Its the big 1-8! Hopefully it will be a lovely day and its one to remember for good reasons :)

A/W 11 wishlist

Topshop (£28)

Topshop (£42)

Topshop (£22)

Topshop (£35)

Topshop (£22)

Topshop (£38)

This A/W I'm finally going to get brave, instead of hiding in huge hoodies, leggings and uggs, I'm going to be brave and wear colours and faux leather. I'm going to wear the shiny leggings with a soft knitted jumper, such as the one above, it may not be ground breaking but its enough to give me a shock.

P.s. Apologies for the lack of posting, my laptop has been on the blink a tad, if you follow my twitter (@sopheehanah) then you will see that i've been complaining about it quite a bit. But i shall upload more :)