Sunday, 26 May 2013

MUA's Power Pout tint & balm!

When I was out shopping with a friend yesterday I was on the hunt for MUA's Undressed Highlighter which seems to be constantly sold out in my local Superdrug, but I didn't want to leave empty handed so I picked up 2 of their new Power Pout lip balm/stains. I already have one of Revlon's Just Bitten Kissable lip balm and stain's as well, so I thought I'd see how MUA's version compared. I'm also tempted to pick up a Clinique Chubby stick to compare all 3 companies versions of the same product, if anyone is interested in seeing such post?
The first thing I noticed is the smell of the product, they are very similar to Revlon's balms as they both smell very minty and menthol like, which is nice and can feel more fresh on your lips. The second thing I noticed is that these balms melt very easily, I must of had Rendezvous in my hand for around 5 minutes whilst I applied Runway and its melted slightly which is a right pain in the posterior.

I picked up the colour Runway which is in red packaging but comes out a pinky/red when swatched and a similar colour when applied on the lips.

The next colour I picked up was Rendezvous, which the packaging makes you think its a brown nude, but it is actually a light pink shade which is nice and wearable. The formula of these is similar to Revlon's version but MUA's is slightly more wet, more of a traditional lip balm rather than anything thicker. They feel comfortable on the lips although they don't seem to have much of a lasting tint, but for £3 I can't complain too much although the packaging does claim to be an 'intense colour' but I have to disagree slightly.

I'm hoping MUA will bring out an orangey/coral shade soon as I'm missing that shade out of my collection.
Overall I like these lip products, you generally do get what you pay for them, I just wish they weren't so soft and didn't melt so easily, but it will just be something that I will have to deal with for the £3 price tag.

MUA's Power Pour Tint Balm retails for £3 and can be found online and in most Superdrug branches

Have you tried any of MUA's tint & Balms? What are you opinion of the

Monday, 20 May 2013

TheLoveCatsInc giveaway!

Helen from the Lovecats inc is holding an awesome giveaway on her blog! <p> 

Her blog is 

<p> She is giving away a £50 voucher that you can spend at either Topshop, Space NK or ASOS! <p>

A giveaway too could I have also entered myself! Good luck to everyone!


I've been a bit MIA over the last couple of days, I'm stupid enough to have given myself food poisoning, so I'm cooped up on the sofa with a duvet and Big Bang Theory.
However I have a lot of fun-ish things in the pipeline, possibly a haul and an empties post! So keep your eyes peeled and I'll be back soon! 



Thursday, 16 May 2013

Rimmel Match Perfect foundation!

Hello lovelies!
I'm sure we've all been in the position of hunting for the perfect foundation, one that gives the perfect face look without making it look like you're actually wearing foundation? Yep we've all been there. And I believe I've found mine.

Rimmel's Match Perfection is the only foundation I've found that actually looks nice, I've been a bit through the mill with foundations, and none have really done what I really want somehow, and most have never matched my awkward skin tone just right. So when I picked up Match Perfection on a whim, I didn't think its claims of 'adapting your skin tone & texture' would actually materialise when on the skin, but I was so happy to be wrong!

Before application

After application

Match perfect is a beautiful foundation once blended, it has a natural dewy finish and is a good medium coverage. The only downside to this foundation is that is doesn't last very long on the skin, and because I like the finish of this foundation on its own I try to avoid touching any powder. So if you have an oily/combination skin type I'd wear a good primer underneath.
This foundation lasts about 4 hours on my skin when only wearing moisturiser underneath and no powder on top. When I wear my illumiating primer from Estee Lauder (favourite, review to come!) and it can last about 6 and a half hours, then begins to fade and doesn't go patchy at all. It is a buildable foundation so I usually put a tad more on my cheeks where the redness shines through like a beacon.

I picked this beauty up at my local Xtras store (not too sure if its national or just in Newcastle) for around £4, but you can pick this up in Boots/Superdrug for around £7.

Whats your favourite foundation? Have you ever tried Rimmel's Match Perfect?

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Origins VitaZing Moisteriser!

You've probably heard about this product, its been around the beauty world more times then Mac's releases. I'm talking about the much raved about Origins VitaZing moisturiser, although I do love Origins, I would be lost without their VitaZing eye cream and the Drink It Up Intensive moisturiser, but their VitaZing moisturiser is a bit, erm, lacking.

VitaZing is a grey-ish cream that when rubbed into the skin turns into a tint that is a suit-all shade. It can give you a beautiful glow to your skin and makes you look as if you've got new skin.

This product is a perfect moisturiser, leaves me skin feeling smooth, plump and happy. The only thing I dislike about it is why the beauty community love it, that is also a tinted moisturiser. This part means if I slather on, my pale face turns an awful shade of orange. Its beyond frustrating as on the hundreds that have reviewed and raved about this product, it looks terrible on me.

If I could find this without the tint it would be amazing and everything I've been looking for, its packed with vitamins that's good for your skin, it also has SPF 15 which may mean that if I wear this everyday I may then achieve the glow that's needed to pull off the tint.

However until then, this will be one for when I'm indoors only, such a shame. So if you're NW15 or paler, I'd get a sample of this baby first, may save you looking a tiny bit silly. Alas I will keep working with it and hopefully find a way my foundation won't turn tango if I use this before, wish me luck! Origins VitaZing moisturiser retails for £27

6 Favourite Reds!

Hello lovelies!
Now I've been rummaging through my nail polish collection looking for the perfect red, but then I discovered, I've got quite a few that could be deemed 'perfect'. Red seems to be the only colour that can be transferred to any season.

Essie's Snap Happy
During spring I love a red with an orange hue, and the only orange polish that I've found that has actually suited my skin tone is Essie's Snap Happy, from their Christmas 2012 collection. It's an amazing spring take on the classic red, a very safe alternative if I can't find anything else to pop on my nails. Snap Happy lasts around 3 days on my nails with Rimmel's 3 in 1 basecoat and top coat before chipping.

Snap Happy retails for around £8

Nails Inc St James
The next brightest red in my collection is Nails Inc St James, which I think I received in March 2013's Glossybox. St James is a pink hued red, which looks great on pale skin and tanned skin. St James lasts 4 full days without chipping but can stain nails.

St James retails for £11

Barry M Raspberry Nail Paint
Raspberry has been my favourite nail polish for around 2 years, its an amazing perfect colour that isn't really suited for the sunny seasons but better for the colder months. This colour also looks awesome on toes with a pair of black sandals so I can still squeeze it into summer.

Raspberry retails for £2.99

Essie's Leading Lady
This one a bit of a cheat, as its a kind of burgundy polish with pinky/red glitter,this polish that is the perfect Christmassy shade. Although it'll be a firm favourite when the weather gets colder again, hopefully that won't be for a long while yet! The only downside to this nail polish is that is peels rather than chips, but I've found most glitter polishes have a tendency to do this. Leading Lady was a limited edition in Essie's Christmas 2012 collection.

Leading Lady retails for around £8

Nails Inc Saville Row
We've now hit the other end of the red's spectrum, dark burgundy. This is actually my favourite shade of nail polish as I think it suits me best, as I'm a neon-phobe and forever will be. These dark colours also look amazing on toes when the sun beacons. I'm sure I've received this polish around a year ago in one of Glamour's amazing magazine giveaways. Saville Row is a dark purple that is a staple in anyone's collection.

Saville Row retails for £11

Revlon Vixen
After reading a recommendation from Vivianna Does Makeup (her word is law) I ran don to my nearest Boots and snatched it up and I haven't regretted it at all! Its the perfect shade for classy, glossy nails. This looks beautiful teamed with a nude blouse and sleek hair. Vixen is also an amazing dupe for Chanel's Accessorie from their A/W 2012 collection.

Vixen retails for £6.49

These are the only reds I have but they're all my favourite depending on what mood I'm in.
What's your favourite red?

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Avon's Always On Point Eyeliner!

Hello beauts! Hope you're well :)
Recently a little gem has fallen into my lap with such a good little feature but something so obvious you would think all of the cosmetic companies would of done before.
I'm talking about Avon's Always on Point eyeliner, the special feature is that inside of the lid is a sharpener, so whenever you screw the lid back onto the liner, it sharpens it ready for the next use! Gone are the days of attempting a cat flick with a dull point.

Now I thought because of the eyeliner has a nifty feature, the actual product would be absolutely pants. How pleasantly wrong I was! This eyeliner has amazing staying power, I'm talking about scrubbing my face in the shower and sleeping in it (slightly tipsy me gets very sleeping quickly) and yet it still didn't come off. I started to think maybe I accidently used a sharpie or a permanent marker but alas it was this little gem. My only complaint with this eyeliner is the colour, is more of a charcoal black and can go grey after a a little while, however the application is butter soft and very easy to control.

Please ignore my unruly brows, I'm attempting to grow them out.

For a long time I disregarded Avon's cosmetics, but thanks to the Pixiwoo's sisters Avon has been spring boarded back into the beauty world. There are some hits and misses, but this eyeliner is a gem and a half!

Avon Always on Point eyeliner is available online and availbile to order from your local Avon representative.
The eyeliner retails for £7.00

Have you ever tried this eyeliner? What is your favourite eyeliner?

Something a little more personal and serious...

As many of you may know, I was pregnant with my perfect little boy and everything was fantastic and perfect, then all of a sudden its like my life hit a brick wall and all my plans for the future were no longer valid. At 28 weeks pregnant, I found out I had pre-eclampsia and my little baby had passed away inside of me. I had 3 lots of magnesium injected into my arms and it was the most unpleasant medication I've ever experienced, I could feel like it was burning as it travelled around my body and all the hair stood up on my arms and my head. It was horrible. I also found out my kidneys were starting to fail, another side effect of the disease, my blood pressure was extremely high and I was very close to having a seizure. Being told this while strapped to a hospital bed was the most annoying and frustrating thing, as I felt totally fine, very annoyed, angry and upset due to being told the news but overall fine. That's another thing about pre-eclampsia, you rarely know you have it as you have no feeling ill most of the time. some women will get pain under their ribs and severe headaches, but I had neither, I was still working 8 hours shifts on my feet and felt fine.
The only side effect I did have and was a tad nervous about was that my feet were very swollen, but I thought this was because of still working full time and being constantly on my feet. Zachary Golightly was born at 5:10am, 02.10.12.

I believe this could of been avoided, if there was more information about pre-eclampsia, a disease that killed my baby and almost killed me.

It is serious, and the only information I've publically seen about the disease is One Born Every Minute did a special on 'Larger women' which I am disgusted by. This programme has given many pregnant women the information that only larger women can get pre-eclampsia. The truth is anyone can get pre-eclampsia. You could be a size 6 or 26 and you are still able to have the disease.

Studies have shown that pre-eclampsia may happen during the first month or so of pregnancy, it is caused by the placenta not attaching properly. and this causing the placenta not to develop in the later months. The best example for this is my midwife telling me my placenta was the size of a small coaster, the only you use to put your mug's on so the cup doesn't stain whatever surface its sitting on. The normal and healthy size placenta is supposed to be the size of a dinner plate, and when a baby has a tiny placenta, it is harder for the baby to get the oxygen and nutrients, and when left for too long, it causes the worst to happen.
Pre-eclampsia can also cause cause the mother trouble, as if left for too long can kill her also, as the placenta becomes sort of toxic and the body either tries to abort it, and aborts the baby in turn or the placenta will start to cause the organs to fail and can also cause seizures that can be deadly.

The amount of information about this disease is disgustingly small, and I believe this has caused me to ignore the symptoms that I was suffering from. The lack of information also took my son from me too soon, and I would hate for that to happen to someone else.
Thank you for reading this post and I hope this information helps you or someone you know.

Pre-eclampsia charity

Monday, 13 May 2013

I'm now on Bloglovin!

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Whats in my bag & mini review!

Hello lovelies! Hope everyone is well, this is my first proper post in a while when I haven't been complaining about something.
I myself like a good snoop into other peoples bags so its only fair I show everyone what's in mine in return. Although after taking all the photos and seeing all the crap I carry around with my daily I am rethinking about what I am taking as it seems a tad excessive.

My bag is a Mulberry Alexa, in the oversized size in tan. I thought it would be perfect for day to day as I carry around tonnes with me and it also doubles up as a weekend bag. This bag was a gift and I've used it daily since I received it.

Firstly in my bag I carry around my purse, its just a leopard print one from Primark, nothing too exciting, although I'm thinking of saving up for a Ted Baker wallet. I also carry around a notebook, this one is from Wilkinsons, but I'm not too keen on it as it isn't lined which means my writing gets a tad wobbly. The leopard print pouch holds all of my little bits for emergencies, I call it my you never know pouch.

Inside of my 'you never know' pouch I keep all of the following; blister patches, tissues, plasters, Nurofen, Nytol, a mini brush, hair grips, bobbles, a lolly(?!), a sample of Origins mega bright skin tones correcting serum, a mini Clarins lip gloss, a sample of Elisabeth Arden 8 hour cream, a mini Benefit They're real mascara, paracetamol, and depotted Mac Crème Cup lipstick, Mac Hue, Mac Shy Girl and Mac Studio finish concealer. And women's products but I didn't photograph them. This little pouch means I'm more of less ready for anything that may happen if I'm out, probably a tad too ready. But if you ever get a headache, need a sleep or need a slick of lipstick, you know who to come to!

I also keep in my bag a few more essentials (as if I haven't got enough, no wonder my back always hurts, ouch!) headphones, chewing gum, a sample of Yves Rocher So Elixir perfume which I received in a Glossybox, I also received the Crabtree & Evelyn hand cream which smells amazing and also is a great moisturiser. And a travel can of L'Oreal Elnett hairspray which is nice but I prefer their diamond hold compare to their supreme hold.

I usually don't carry any make up with me but I haven't emptied it out of my bag since I spent the night at a friend's house recently. Firstly there is Estee Lauder Double Wear Light foundation that I rediscovered at the back of my collection, although I think this has oxidised as it makes my face look a tad orange even though I have the lightest shade. There is also the highly raved Rimmel Stay Matte powder, I have the Translucent one, however due to my horrible angry skin at the moment it doesn't really do much on my skin. I also have Mac's Hue lipstick, its my favourite lipstick ever! A recent discover is Illamasqua's eye pencil in Hex which is the perfect nude to pop in your waterline for a wide eyed look. I've also recently rediscovered Urban Decay's primer potion, although I have no eyeshadows travelling with me, oops. I always carry around my favourite mascara, Soap & Glory's Thick and Fast mascara, which gives me long thick lashes in just 2 coats. I always also carry around a cream blush as its tonnes easier then having to carry around a brush, Nars Penny Lane is a lovely natural blush with almost a highlighter sheen when applied to cheek bones, and I've also popped a primer into my bag, 17's photo flawless primer, I like how it feels on the skin, however I don't think it does much for making my foundation last or making my pores looking less visible, if anything it does the opposite. And of course I have a tube of Collection's lasting perfection concealer, obviously.

I also carry around with me 2 pairs of sunglasses (no idea why I need 2?!) the Rayban-alike ones are from Topshop and the others are Primark. And finally (thank god!) I carry around a Hello Kitty pencil case I got free in a magazine, which was only bought for the free pencil case, woops.

That is everything I take with me daily, I think I will make a few changes to the amount I carry as it is a tad excessive, 2 mascara's and 2 pairs of sunglasses is a tad much.

What do you carry around with you in your handbag?

My horrible skin!

My skin is horrendous and I'm not beating about the bush at all. Thanks to being a lazy when I was a younger teenager and having a horrendous diet, my skin has suffered. I was also a terrible spot picker.
Thanks to being horrible to my skin and only using cheap baby wipes to clean my skin my face isn't in the best condition at all, its littered with scars, horrid pigmentation and almost invisible spots that don't seem to like any make up. Even with cleansing, moisterising, using a glycolic acid serum on my skin daily and also using a primer and high end foundation my skin is horrible. Its greasy all the time and then dry around the nose and my foundation looks alright for around an hour, then settles in my pores no matter what I do. Sigh.

I've attempted to change my skincare routine to see whether that will change anything at all, but my skin is still being a child and taking a tantrum and refusing to change at all.

When I wake up I always wash my face straight away to remove the oil slick I wake up with, I previously used the No7 Foaming Cleanser, which helped keep spots at bay but didn't help with my pigmentation issues at all. I then used Avon's solutions serum with glycolic acid and then used Origins drink up intensive mask, but only a pea sized amount as its a heavy duty mask and its the only thing that helped with any dryness for a longer time.

Sadly the only thing that seems to be working in my skincare routine is my eye cream, which is the amazing Origins gin zing, its helped my puffy eyes not look so hooded and they look and feel more healthy.

My new revised skincare routine has changed twice, I swapped the No7 foaming cleanser after I watched a video with Caroline Hirrons explain that foaming cleansers were very bad for troublesome skin as it dries it out and causes more problems, so that's gone to the back of the cupboard. It was replaced with Philosophy's purity cleanser. But sadly that didn't seem to do much, however it was better then the No7 cleanser.
Sadly due to the price of the Philosophy cleanser I haven't been able to repurchase the purity cleanser, wahhh!
Although Tesco has BOGOF deal for the new L'Oreal micellar water as its supposed to be a dupe for the ever hyped Bioderma. I've only had the micellar water for less then a week, so its early days yet, but its great for removing make up but not much else.

I've also cut out a lot of sugars from my diet and no long drink fizzy drinks, but it hasn't made any impact yet.
Another one of my problem is my horrible scarring, but I doubt there is some amazing moisturiser or mask that will be able to reduce the pot holes in my face, although I'm tempted to try bio-oil.

What's your skincare routine?


All images have been found on weheartit, pinterest and google.
I do not own any of the images above.

Sunday, 12 May 2013

My favourite music!

As someone that has an extremely varied taste in music, I like anything from Britney Spears, to Marilyn Manson to Mozart. So I pretty much like anything and anything.

My favourite artist/band is Evanescence, I am a huge fan and a tad bit obsessed with their frontwoman Amy Lee. You may of noticed I've mentioned her previously in a post, woops.
Since I was the ripe age of 11, I discovered their moody rock ballads and that was it, I was hooked. I believe their first song I've ever heard by them was the cliché 'Bring Me To Life', which has now become my second least favourite song by them, so has 'My Immortal', thanks DareDevil for ruining them for me.

On a happier note, with their release of The Open Door in 2006 that was it, I was officially obsessed and every kind of merchandise was hunted down on eBay and bought with my pocket money. I've also gone as far to try and grow my hair as long as I could and attempted to dye it black when I was younger, and it was an attempt.

Whats your favourite artist band?

Style Inspiration!

I follow fashion but not as much to jump on every trend bandwagon going. My style hasn't changed in about 2 years, and I don't even think I dress for my shape but I I know what I like and feel comfortable in, and if someone doesn't like it then whatever.

These pictures are what I usually wear, with slight differences depending what mood I'm in, such as leopard print pumps instead of nude, but it mostly stays the same. I'm in a total style rut, but I've always been a massive colour fobe, I think I'm still stuck in 13 year old me thanks to all the black clothes. oops.

One things for sure, I won't be in any best dressed lists.
My style inspirations are Lauren Conrad for her minimalist style but also her impeccable hair and make up, serious hair envy. I also appreciate styles such as Amy Lee's from Evanescence, always feminine without the need for colour or diamonds or having to show flesh off.

Disclaimer: All pictures are not mine unless stated, images are from, pinterest or weheartit.

Whats your style inspiration?

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Complaint of the day!

I'm becoming a skincare freak, my wishlist includes the usual of Bioderma and the Emma Hardie cleansing balm. Thanks to my lovely bills I can only pick up the hig street equivalent, which makes me cry as I walk past the Hydraluron towards the Simple skincare in Boots.
I've also been looking elsewhere for my skincare fix, such as Avon.
Now Avon has become more popular lately, thanks to upping their game in the cosmetics department, and I remember my 13 year old self using a 3 step skincare system that got rid of my acne and angry spots, so I thought why not a picked up 2 items.
I picked up their Solutions + anti wrinkle ageless concentrate, I know I'm only 19 but my family have terrible skin, so I'm trying to save my skin as much as I can. In the catalogue the it states the product has glycolic acid in it, which meant I ordered it straight away with excitement.

I also ordered their Solutions Youth Minerals youth enhancing facial treatment, which also has the wonderful glycolic acid and a few very positive reviews online later it joined its friend into my order form.

When both the products arrived I was a little disgusted, they both have a ridiculous amount of glitter in them, and they are both coloured, one pink and one purple. I understand these gimmicks may work for some customers, as they look pretty sitting on their dressing tables, however I am terrified the glitter and colouring will irritate my skin and this the product is useless.
I will update you on these products and whether they are worth your time.

Have you tried any of Avon's skincare? Have you ever liked anything from them?

Favourite bloggers! #1

Bows and Belles
Kirsty's blog is the perfect mix of fashion and décor, I may have read through most of her archive ;)

Vivianna Does Makeup
Anna's blog is one of the first I actually discovered that made me want to get into blogging, thanks to Anna I have discovered Space NK, my bank account hates me for it.

The Sunday Girl
This blog is the best I've ever discovered for beauty, the writer updates daily and her honest reviews mean her word is usually law when it comes to all thing beauty!

That's all the blogs I've been loving lately, which isn't helping me save up for a new sofa at all but never mind ;)

What blogs have you been loving lately?

Decor Wishlist!

Due to me moving into my own house with my fiancé (who is allocated the spare bedroom as a man cave so the rest of the house is mine to decorate how I wish) I have spent hours upon hours trying to piece together what I want every room to look like.
I've also now got a Pinterest account which has helped tonnes.

What I'm aiming for is a house that isn't really full of clutter, that's a light, bright space with a touch of homely-ness. I'm loving the white crisp walls and plenty of storage, but with lots of cushions and throws.

Are you a décor obsessive like me?

Unpopular Opinions #1

1. I dislike the new 90's trend; the beanies, the light blue jeans, SCRUNCHIES?! what is the fashion world doing?
2. 'Comme des fuckdown' merchandise or 'ragged priest' beanies, I think if I see another one I will go crazy!
3. Bills; but to be honest I don't think anyone likes paying bills.
4. Cammo jackets, depending who wheres them they can look awesome, or ridiculous, on me, the latter.
5. Cowboy boots, although Topshop's mighty boots are quite pretty.

This post isn't aimed at anyone, I'm just becoming the Victor Meldrew of fashion, woops.

I'm a terrible blogger, but I may as well try and inform you of my whereabouts.

My hiatus has been for around 3 months, and that deserves a massive slap on the wrist and being sent to the blogging naughty corner, however I've been quite the busy bee and I've also had a bit of a life turn around.

I've also decided that the reviews are going to take a bit of a backseat on this blog, I've know moved into a perfect 2 bedroom house with my fiancé, it has a with a huge back garden, front garden and all the trimmings for a perfect new start and that means my wishlist and make up collection isn't going to get updated as often as before.

however to make up for the lack of beauty posts, I will be posting more home décor posts, and inspiration posts. I've also now have 2 extra mouths to feed, in the shape for 2 little kittens Kairi and Belle, so expect them to be in the background of quite a few of my pictures.

Due to the new house, 2 bundles of mischief to run around after I have decided to become fit and healthy, so this means there will be more posts on what I'm eating and also my progress.

Hope all of this is alright with my readers, if anyone has any requests for any posts I will happily oblige :)
I've missed you!