Wednesday, 5 October 2011

My first Graze box!


Sadly this post won't include any proper photos, due to my camera/Blackberry is having a bad day and has decided not to work with me.
However, I will explain what I received in my first box and my experience with the company.

I decided to grab at the chance of getting my first Graze box for free, as usually I only hear about amazing deals at the last minute. However this time I heard the deal was still in action and jumped at the chance.

Placing my order couldn't of been simpler! Just popping into your details and then rating when you would like your box to arrive. Then you its the fun part, going through all of the kinds of food you can choose from.

My first order arrived today (Wednesday) and I placed my order 2 days ago, Monday night. It came unbelievably quickly and I was updated on when my order was dispatched and when it should arrived.

Now onto the yummy foods I received...

The Products

Fiery Cashews

These were ok, a bit hot (however my mouth cooled after a quick drink so all was well) but I wouldn't order these again. Not my kind of taste, I'm more of a sour/sweet kind of girl.


Great Fire Dragons

These were a lot nicer than the fiery cashews. The jumbo chilli maize had the same texture and crunch as pork scratchings, my inner fatty adored this. I wouldn't say these had any chilli in the ingredients what so ever, as they tasted slightly salty, but no where near spicy, more of a bland taste.


Cheddar, red onion & chutney focaccia

I was slightly annoyed when I recieved this in my Graze box, as I thought I 'binned' all of the foods containing or topped with any kind of onion (I despise it, urgh!) and this turned up topped with onion, yuck yuck yuck. I had no idea whatsoever what 'focaccia' was until I tried it and it turns out to be a posh word for nice bread. I would of loved this if it didn't have the onion on. So I'm going to rate it as if it didn't contain any (however after a taste test it tastes alright in small nibbles)


yin & yang

This tasted so good! The dark chocolate buttons were quite big and chunky and yummy! The almonds were perfect, slightly crunchy, just the way I love them. The jumbo raisins and cherries were so sweet and lovely, I'm usually not too keen on dried fruit, however I think I may of been converted! Perfect for people with a sweet tooth.


After my first box, I am definitely going to make a regular subscription!

Sophee xo

P.s. All pictures were taken from the official Graze Website.