Tuesday, 7 May 2013

I'm a terrible blogger, but I may as well try and inform you of my whereabouts.

My hiatus has been for around 3 months, and that deserves a massive slap on the wrist and being sent to the blogging naughty corner, however I've been quite the busy bee and I've also had a bit of a life turn around.

I've also decided that the reviews are going to take a bit of a backseat on this blog, I've know moved into a perfect 2 bedroom house with my fiancé, it has a with a huge back garden, front garden and all the trimmings for a perfect new start and that means my wishlist and make up collection isn't going to get updated as often as before.

however to make up for the lack of beauty posts, I will be posting more home décor posts, and inspiration posts. I've also now have 2 extra mouths to feed, in the shape for 2 little kittens Kairi and Belle, so expect them to be in the background of quite a few of my pictures.

Due to the new house, 2 bundles of mischief to run around after I have decided to become fit and healthy, so this means there will be more posts on what I'm eating and also my progress.

Hope all of this is alright with my readers, if anyone has any requests for any posts I will happily oblige :)
I've missed you!

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