Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Complaint of the day!

I'm becoming a skincare freak, my wishlist includes the usual of Bioderma and the Emma Hardie cleansing balm. Thanks to my lovely bills I can only pick up the hig street equivalent, which makes me cry as I walk past the Hydraluron towards the Simple skincare in Boots.
I've also been looking elsewhere for my skincare fix, such as Avon.
Now Avon has become more popular lately, thanks to upping their game in the cosmetics department, and I remember my 13 year old self using a 3 step skincare system that got rid of my acne and angry spots, so I thought why not a picked up 2 items.
I picked up their Solutions + anti wrinkle ageless concentrate, I know I'm only 19 but my family have terrible skin, so I'm trying to save my skin as much as I can. In the catalogue the it states the product has glycolic acid in it, which meant I ordered it straight away with excitement.

I also ordered their Solutions Youth Minerals youth enhancing facial treatment, which also has the wonderful glycolic acid and a few very positive reviews online later it joined its friend into my order form.

When both the products arrived I was a little disgusted, they both have a ridiculous amount of glitter in them, and they are both coloured, one pink and one purple. I understand these gimmicks may work for some customers, as they look pretty sitting on their dressing tables, however I am terrified the glitter and colouring will irritate my skin and this the product is useless.
I will update you on these products and whether they are worth your time.

Have you tried any of Avon's skincare? Have you ever liked anything from them?

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