Sunday, 26 May 2013

MUA's Power Pout tint & balm!

When I was out shopping with a friend yesterday I was on the hunt for MUA's Undressed Highlighter which seems to be constantly sold out in my local Superdrug, but I didn't want to leave empty handed so I picked up 2 of their new Power Pout lip balm/stains. I already have one of Revlon's Just Bitten Kissable lip balm and stain's as well, so I thought I'd see how MUA's version compared. I'm also tempted to pick up a Clinique Chubby stick to compare all 3 companies versions of the same product, if anyone is interested in seeing such post?
The first thing I noticed is the smell of the product, they are very similar to Revlon's balms as they both smell very minty and menthol like, which is nice and can feel more fresh on your lips. The second thing I noticed is that these balms melt very easily, I must of had Rendezvous in my hand for around 5 minutes whilst I applied Runway and its melted slightly which is a right pain in the posterior.

I picked up the colour Runway which is in red packaging but comes out a pinky/red when swatched and a similar colour when applied on the lips.

The next colour I picked up was Rendezvous, which the packaging makes you think its a brown nude, but it is actually a light pink shade which is nice and wearable. The formula of these is similar to Revlon's version but MUA's is slightly more wet, more of a traditional lip balm rather than anything thicker. They feel comfortable on the lips although they don't seem to have much of a lasting tint, but for £3 I can't complain too much although the packaging does claim to be an 'intense colour' but I have to disagree slightly.

I'm hoping MUA will bring out an orangey/coral shade soon as I'm missing that shade out of my collection.
Overall I like these lip products, you generally do get what you pay for them, I just wish they weren't so soft and didn't melt so easily, but it will just be something that I will have to deal with for the £3 price tag.

MUA's Power Pour Tint Balm retails for £3 and can be found online and in most Superdrug branches

Have you tried any of MUA's tint & Balms? What are you opinion of the

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