Wednesday, 15 May 2013

6 Favourite Reds!

Hello lovelies!
Now I've been rummaging through my nail polish collection looking for the perfect red, but then I discovered, I've got quite a few that could be deemed 'perfect'. Red seems to be the only colour that can be transferred to any season.

Essie's Snap Happy
During spring I love a red with an orange hue, and the only orange polish that I've found that has actually suited my skin tone is Essie's Snap Happy, from their Christmas 2012 collection. It's an amazing spring take on the classic red, a very safe alternative if I can't find anything else to pop on my nails. Snap Happy lasts around 3 days on my nails with Rimmel's 3 in 1 basecoat and top coat before chipping.

Snap Happy retails for around £8

Nails Inc St James
The next brightest red in my collection is Nails Inc St James, which I think I received in March 2013's Glossybox. St James is a pink hued red, which looks great on pale skin and tanned skin. St James lasts 4 full days without chipping but can stain nails.

St James retails for £11

Barry M Raspberry Nail Paint
Raspberry has been my favourite nail polish for around 2 years, its an amazing perfect colour that isn't really suited for the sunny seasons but better for the colder months. This colour also looks awesome on toes with a pair of black sandals so I can still squeeze it into summer.

Raspberry retails for £2.99

Essie's Leading Lady
This one a bit of a cheat, as its a kind of burgundy polish with pinky/red glitter,this polish that is the perfect Christmassy shade. Although it'll be a firm favourite when the weather gets colder again, hopefully that won't be for a long while yet! The only downside to this nail polish is that is peels rather than chips, but I've found most glitter polishes have a tendency to do this. Leading Lady was a limited edition in Essie's Christmas 2012 collection.

Leading Lady retails for around £8

Nails Inc Saville Row
We've now hit the other end of the red's spectrum, dark burgundy. This is actually my favourite shade of nail polish as I think it suits me best, as I'm a neon-phobe and forever will be. These dark colours also look amazing on toes when the sun beacons. I'm sure I've received this polish around a year ago in one of Glamour's amazing magazine giveaways. Saville Row is a dark purple that is a staple in anyone's collection.

Saville Row retails for £11

Revlon Vixen
After reading a recommendation from Vivianna Does Makeup (her word is law) I ran don to my nearest Boots and snatched it up and I haven't regretted it at all! Its the perfect shade for classy, glossy nails. This looks beautiful teamed with a nude blouse and sleek hair. Vixen is also an amazing dupe for Chanel's Accessorie from their A/W 2012 collection.

Vixen retails for £6.49

These are the only reds I have but they're all my favourite depending on what mood I'm in.
What's your favourite red?

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