Saturday, 2 February 2013

January favourites!

Now 2012 was a horrendous year for me and my boyfriend, two deaths and almost two more. Thankfully that year has gone, and January was a happy month for myself, filled with laughter and happy memories that puts the last year to the back of my mind for a small amount of time. During January, my boyfriend asked me to marry him in the most perfect setting in Edinburgh, under a picturesque water fountain, while Edinburgh overlooked us. I also finally got my hands on my dream bag, the Mulberry Alexa in oversized, ate too much greasy food and bought too much make up. We have also received the news that we will be living in a perfect little 2 bedroom house, with a nice garden, a wendy house and an apple tree, so please be expecting to see some posts on house d├ęcor and the such. Now onto my most favourite cosmetic products, it was extremely hard to whittle these down to a few, as I now have 2 huge make up bags with freshly bought make up.

Yves Saint Laurent Palette D'Artiste
Now this palette isn't something I would usually buy, I'm too stuck in my nudes and black eye colour rut to look twice at something with actual colour, however this was on a Boots clearance shelf for £5, I snatched it up right then and there. I decided even if I didn't like the colours and couldn't work with them I would just pop it onto my dressing table as a sort of ornament. Thankfully the green and purple shades are very flattering and don't transfer as bright as they are in the pan, thankfully!

Nars Penny Lane cream blush
This is the first Nars product I have ever used, as Newcastle are quite poop for retailers of Nars, I'm not very confident purchasing items online such as make up, but for some reason I made an exception for this blush. I purchased it on ASOS, and I haven't heard very many reviews whatsoever, although after a quick Google image search and saw it didn't look horrendous on the skin, I took the plunge and I haven't looked back. This is the perfect nude blush, barely detectable on the skin but for a colour phobic like myself its enough for me to not look zombified (not even a word but you get the jist). On the skin it gives the slight hint of colour and a very natural sheen, something that is very easy to quickly slap on during the day and go.

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in Crush
I HAD to include this balm, this was a very whim kind of purchase, I was buying cold remedies, and in a display just before the self checkouts was a promotion, Revlon balm stains and nails polishes for £5, so of course I purchased the balm stain in Crush and Revlon's nail polish in vixen ( with help of a very persuading review from Anna). Crush is a pinky almost purple berry shade, however on others it looks like a light wash of colour, however I like to build the colour into a opaque colour, which is easily achieved in 3 coats. The only downfall to this balm is it only lasts on me for around an hour, then fades into a strange patchy colour, although the balm is comfortable to wear, with a glossiness and its also lightweight, I could barely feel it on my lips, however if you're clumsy like myself that can mean it may get smeared across your face a few times and you'll be none the wiser you now resemble the joker.

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