Sunday, 3 February 2013

Lush Blousey Shampoo!

Due to having half blonde and half black hair, I needed a good shampoo to keep the colour vibrant, so when Johno popped into Game, I popped into Lush next door. I was advised by one of the sale assistants that Blousey shampoo is perfect for what I need, and without using my right mind I purchased it, without a sample. I regret this so much now. When I got home with Blousey, I opened the pot and wretched( TMI!), the fragranced is described as "inspired by British hedgerows, your hair will all day smell of rose, blackcurrant, rosemary and juniperberry". In my opinion the smell is horrendous, I can only smell the rose and possibly the rosemary and juniperberry (what is a juniperberry?!). Its the mustiest rotten smell, and the product itself isn't much better. The only other Lush shampoo I've used it BIG, which I loved but found very clarifying and would strip my hair of its colour. The lathering is pathetic, and the smell lingers for longer than I'd like, meaning I have to spray with my hair with perfume to mask it.

The consistency is like mush, liquidy (not a word I know) mush that is quite hard to work with. I've found colour shampoos far better and nicer to work with for a lot cheaper then this retails for, as £18 is a lot for a shampoo I'm wasting whenever I use it, just to be done with it.

Blousey retails at £18, at most Lush Cosmetic Stores

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