Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Mac's Archie's Girls collection!

Most Mac collections don't faze me, it might be because there's so many at one time I lose interest due to the volume or something. But Archie's Girls collection caught my eye, I spied the vintage 50-esque rockabilly-ness about the collection and it ticked all of my boxes.

Ronnie Red

I myself are partial to a nice red, so I instantly snapped up the shade 'Ronnie Red', the packaging also tickled my fancy, as Ronnie makes me think she should be a character in Grease or Cry Baby.
Ronnie Red is a general beautiful red, something that is a staple in all make up collections. The forumula is a Matte, which I have came across only with Mac's Ruby Woo, which is another perfect orange toned red, but one that doesn't turn your teeth yellow thankfully. Comparing Ronnie Red and Ruby Woo, the shades are identical when in the bullet. However once swatched, Ronnie Red seems more pink in comparison to Ruby Woo's post box red. The formula's are also different, Ruby Woo is a true Matte, while Ronnie is creamier and easier to swatch/apply.
The wear time of Ronnie is around 4 hours, then begins to fade into a lighter pink, this is similar to Ruby woo, which turned into a fluorescent red/dark pink. (Please excuse the hideous application, I feel like a zombie bleurgh)

Top to bottom; Ruby Woo, Ronnie Red, Betty Bright

Betty Bright

I also picked up the shade Betty Bright. This choice now seems like a mistake, as this shade does not suit me in any way, first time I wore Betty, I quickly applied to feel the formula and the wear, whilst I was playing Call Of Duty (I'm such a boy I know), my Mum passed me 10 minutes later and told me the colour did no favours for me, and made me look ill supposedly. I'm not too sure whether its because I'm either a nude or vamp coloured lipstick and nothing between and this shade is a peachy pink. But sadly my Mum is right, it washes me out terribly so it may go into a blog sale or I may just keep because of the pretty packaging.
The formula is satin, which I find quite comfortable on the lips, the wear time is around 2 hours, but I've only tested this when shouting at my tv when I've been killed for the 121545th time.

Mac's Archie's girls lipsticks retail for £15.50, at Mac stockists and online.

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