Sunday, 24 July 2011

Lush Haul :)

Payday was last Thursday, and I am famously known for my spending ways, when I have money it MUST be spent as soon as possible...this time wouldn't be any different.
I went on a bit of a spending spree due to being in town 2 hours before needed (as I pass through to go to work) and the shops were open, I thought I'd have a 'look'.
I shall put the rest of my haul into another post as this one is dedicated to my lush lovelies :)

Twilight Bath Bomb

Sorry I forgot to take photos of what it looks like before I dropped it in the water!
I was tempted to buy the honey bath ballistic (forgotten its name oops) but when I smelt it in person I couldn't smell anything, I was so disappointed that I went on a smelling spree as I was determined to find a ballistic to enjoy that night, and after 10 minutes and many weird looks I found it! Twilight bath bomb, on the website it claims it smells of lavender, which I disagree as I can't stand lavender at all, it makes me feel ill within seconds however I couldn't stop sniffing this lovely smell! :) 
As I dropped it my bath it darted around with a pink train behind it, and as it dissolved a blue vein appeared and it turned into a dark blue-ish black colour (which I forgot to photograph as well, sorry!) but the dark water had sparkles in, I think to represent stars, which was lovely. Also washing my face with blackish water was a new experience.

A Sample of Big shampoo
This is my favourite shampoo ever! It has weird exfoliating crystals in a foggy water, but when its slapped on wet hair it lathers up wonderfully and it makes your hair feel squeaky clean! And a little goes a long way so a tub should last you a while. 

Honey I washed the kids soap bar

Yes my chunk didn't have any honeycomb on :(

After hearing so much about this product I just had to have it, when I walked into Lush I HAD to grab a bit and try it out, however when I got home and shared my bathtub with it, it smelt nothing like honey, it smelt more like cleaning fluid or something chemically. I have since e-mailed Lush for any advice that may make the smell a little nicer, so I shall keep you updated with that.

That is my Lush haul (not much of), thanks! :)

Sophee x

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  1. I love Lush and can't help buying their products. Love the bath bombs. So relaxing. xx