Monday, 11 July 2011


My Hair used to be nice and long and wavy, but alas it had no real volume and had literally 2 layers, thanks to a hairdresser who didn't listen to what I had wanted when I had it cut 6 months ago. My fringe was a fully grown out full fringe, which lasted 3 weeks and became a side fringe again. 

New Hair!!!
Apologies for it being unstraightened and being quite unruly but I just want to get a quick photo, I promise I'll take a better photo later. Now it is shorter, layered, with an annoying fringe that likes to get stuck in my eyelashes constantly. I'm hoping it will grow, as the only length I have is the small amount of hair situated at the back, so the front is short hair, which isn't very good as I can't use it as a security blanket anymore.  
What are your tips to grow hair faster? I'd love to try and test anything you think may work :)

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