Thursday, 23 June 2011


Apologies again for being MIA but I'm trying to find the right things to blog about, which I thought today (as I've been shopping) to do my first outfit of the day, wooo!
It isn't anything amazing, and I wouldn't wear these pieces with the green pants but my nice black jeans were in the washing basket, bummer.
The sandals are from good old Primark, they had bright faux diamonds on them but I'm not really into glittery things, so I painted them in with black nail polish, and ta-da! Nice plain sandals. They were also meant to be £6 but went through as £4.90, which I thought was a bargain, as if £6 wasn't a cheap!

The top is one everyone has probably seen before, the infamous sleeveless button vest, which was in the sale for £10, which I thought I had to have, absolute bargain!

This is the shirt I bought but mine is in an apricot colour instead a light blue.

What have you bought recently?

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  1. Hey hun, thank you for your comment on my giveaway post - it was so kind and lovely =)

    I hope you start to enjoy blogging and get into the swing of it soon - when you do you'll find you're constantly getting new ideas for things to post about and taking photos of things you see and do in your everyday life - you'll become that annoying person with the camera like me!

    Gem xx